Gain Unlimited Hits – Traffic – Leads – Customers – Downlines For Your Business & Free Entries Into Its Matrix Program.

TrafficExchangeMatrix – Traffic Exchange With Free Matrix.

TrafficExchangeMatrix is an Online Advertising Platform where members trade traffic. It is a Platform where Your Adverts will be viewed by other members when you view their own.          

       TrafficExchangeMatrix is different from other Traffic Exchange Platforms because it combines traffic exchanging with a fully integrated Matrix System. Here, as a member, you will receive Free Entry into its Matrix where you will win Cash and other prizes.

You have to be actively viewing other members adverts ( surfing ) for you to qualify for this Matrix. You can qualify for Matrix Entry every day. It is possible to get entered seven times in a week, meaning, you are getting entered every day.

  All you need to do is be actively surfing on the site every day. You can advertise your business by adding your business website or link to its surf page, assign credits and it will be displayed to all members. This will continue as long as you have enough credits added to it.        

   You can also advertise your business by using banners. You will also need credits for this. You have to assign credits to the banner and it will be displayed to all members. Another way you can advertise your business is by using Text Advert. You can place Text Advert of your business on the platform, assign credits to it and it will be displayed to all members as well. You will gain credits for all these by viewing ( surfing ) other member’s adverts on the Surf Page.          

There are other ways you can gain more Advertising Credits, one of which is from those you invited ( Referred Members ) who are actively viewing other member’s adverts. You will receive a percentage of their Credits.

      There is an opportunity to make money and also gain Pro ( Upgraded ) Membership for free which gives you more Membership Benefits and Commissions. One of Pro membership is Free Matrix Entry Everyday without paying extra money. Once you become a Pro Member, you will be receiving Free Matrix Entries automatically, every day.


Free Advertising Offers :

 → Add Your Business Advert To Surf Page & It Will Be Viewed By All Members For Free.  

→ Advertise Your Business Using Banners Advert For Free.  

→ Advertise Your Business Using Text Advert For Free.  

→ Gain More Advertising Credits From Contests For Free.  

→ Gain More Advertising Credits By Referring / Inviting New Members / Users.


Free Income Opportunity / Money

→ Opportunity To Receive Cash & Other Prizes From Your Free Entries Into Its Matrix Program.

 → There Is Opportunity To Receive Up To 40% Commission On Invited Member’s Purchases.  


 On this Platform, you will get a lot of views and clicks on your Business Adverts because there are prizes to win apart from credits that will be gained. Members will because of these prizes check out your Business Advert.


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