Connect And Expose Your Business To Over 100,000 Members And Over 300,000 Opportunity Seekers For Free.

IboToolBox – Marketing Tool For Business Owners

IboToolBox is a Social Media site, set up, to help people improve their businesses. It is a Social Media you can use to improve your business for free.


Its Free Advertising Offer Are :

  • Advertise Your Business To Over 100,000 Members For Free
  • Expose Your Business To Over 300,000 Visitors Everyday For Free
  • Connect With Over 100,000 Active Income Opportunity Seekers For Free
  • Connect With Members By Sending Friendship Request Without Limit
  • Send Your Business To Inbox Of Connected Members Without Limit
  • Advertise To All Country Or Target A Specific Country Of Your Choice For Free
  • Chat Live With Connected Opportunity Seekers And Introduce Your Business To Them Without Limit
  • Announce Your Business To Over 100,000 Active Members & 300,000 Visitors For Free Using Its Press Release Tool
  • Your Business Announcement ( Press Release ) Will Be Sent Directly To Emails Of All Connected Members To Notify Them
  • You Can Use Video To Announce Your Business To All Member And Over 300,000 Visitors For Free
  • Your Business Announcement Will Be Shown To Thousand Of Its Members On Facebook For Free
  • You Will Receive Comments On Your Business Announcement From Interested People Directly From The Platform And Facebook
  • Post Your Business Adverts On The Platform Dashboard Wall Without Limit And Will Be Shown To All Members & Visitors For free
  • Add Your Business And Their Links In Your Profile And Receive Thousands Of Interested Visitors Every Day For Free
  • 500 Advertising Credits For Signing Up And Filling In Your Profile Details
  • 120 Credits For Each Of Your Business Announcement ( You Can Announce Your Business Twice In A Day )
  • You Will Receive Daily Bonus Code for 100 Credits Every day. All You Have To Do is Log In And Claim Them
  • 100 Credits Code From The Platform’s Newsletter Every Sunday. There is No Limit.
  • 2,000 Credits For Registering For The Platform’s Training As A New Members. This Is Completely Free.
  • 50 Dashboard / Wall Credits Code From Admin. The Admin From Time To Time Post Code For 50 Credits On The Platform’s Wall
  • 200 Credits For Each New Member That You Referred And Fill In The Details For His Or Her Profile
  • 5 Credits For Each Business Announcement ( Press Release ) That You Commented On
  • Use These Credits To Place Adverts On The Platform And Will Be Shown To Over 100,000 Members And Over 300,000 Visitors
  • Use The Advertising Credits To Advertise Your Business Using Any Or All Of :

Text Ad

468×60 Banner Ad

250×250 Banner Ad

728×90 Banner Ad

Mobile Banner Ad

Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.
Grow your own TRAFFIC HERO with Adfeedz!
  • The Adverts Will Be Displayed On :

Your Profile

Other Member’s Profiles

Platform’s Main Page


It’s General Wall


  • Your Activities Will Get You Chosen As The Featured Member Of The Day On The Platform Which Will Get Your Business Expose More To All Members & Visitors.



These Are What

You Need To Do In Order For You To Use

IboToolBox To Improve Your Business Fast :


i. Register To Become A Member Of The Platform

    Check the Invitation Link at the bottom of this message

    Click on it.

Fill and submit the form on the page that will be shown to you to ” Create New Account “

Once you are in your member area ( Dashboard )

Click on ” Edit Profile “ and fill it with your details

Add Your Business and its link in Your Profile. You will see where to add them. You are going to be getting thousands of visitors ( members and non-members ) checking it every day


You will automatically get One Star and 500 Advertising Credits when you are done with the Profile.


ii. Start Claiming More Advertising Credit Bonuses

      You should start claiming more Advertising Credits which you can use to expose your business to hundreds of thousands of people every day.

In Your Dashboard,

Click on ” Credit Center “

You will be led to a page where you will claim 50 Advertising Credits for free

Look for ” Free Credit Coupons “

You will see something like this

” Current code is: daily-4D9FDCB8 (redeem here) “

Copy the Code

Click on ” redeem here “

There will be a Pop-Up.

Take Note of the word ” Important Instructions “

It states you are to click at least one Advert on one of the links on the Pop-Up

You must do this in order to unlock the small box in front of this word

” I have participated and have clicked on a few ads. “

You won’t be able to claim the code if that box is not clicked

Enter the code in the big box provided for the code’s claiming, once you are done visiting at least one of the links 

And then click on ” Redeem Coupon “

The credit will get added to your account.


Visit this page every 12 hours around

6 AM EST —————— First Visit

6 PM EST ——————- Second Visit

These are the time the admin post new codes. You really need to be claiming these codes because it will expose your adverts to more people.


iii. Read Platform’s Newsletters Every Sunday And Claim 100 Advertising Credits

      Always check the Platform’s Newsletter which is being published every Sunday at and claim 100 Advertising Credits.


iV. Look Out For 50 Credits Code on Platform’s Dashboard Wall Posted By Admin

      Admin will from time to time, post credit codes onto the Platform wall ( dashboard ). These credits codes will earn you 50 credits.


V. Go For The Training & Claim 2,000 Advertising Credits

       Join the training for new members. This is free. You will be thought how to use the platform to improve your business.

You will not only get trained, but you will also be given 2,000 Advertising Credits to kick start your business adverts.


Vi. Start Connecting With Other Members

Click on the names you see in your Dashboard Wall and send ” Request To Connect “ to them

You can also use the Search Feature to search for people on the platform and connect with them.

Connect with as many as possible because these connected people will always get notified through email every time you announce your business using the platform’s Press release.


Vii. Announce Your Business Using The Press Release Feature ( Can use Test or Video for this )

      This is one of the effective ways to attract people to your business. All those connected with you ( Friends ) will automatically receive an email alert ( notification ) about your announcement ( Press Release ).

A lot of them will surely click the link in the notification and then get led to read the Press Release which will be in your Profile / Account Area.

     The Platform will also show notification on its wall and its Facebook Group to all members. This will include a link to the Press Release.

The Post will get visitors/readers directly from the platform and Facebook too. This is not limited to your Friends alone.

      It will also be shown to visitors on its homepage. Visitors don’t need to log in to see the post. It will appear to them just the way it will appear on the Platform’s Wall.

Imagine the number of visitors you will get for every Announcement / Press Release you post or submit.

You will be given Advertising Credits ( to help you advertise your business more ) amounting to 120 for each Press Release / Announcement you publish. You can only publish Two ( 2 ) in a day.


Note this :

      You can post content besides your business announcement. It can be advice, article, tips, how to do etc as long as it is legal, not a stolen content and won’t go against the platform policy and term.

To Announce Your Business or Post a Press Release :

      On Dashboard Menu, Click on ” PR Tool “

You will be led to the page where you will submit the Post.

Fill in :

The Post Title

Your Business Website Link ( If your business is having a website. If not, you can leave the space blank or enter your profile or Inviting link on the platform )

Keywords – This will consist of words used in your post which if searched for on Search Engines ( Google etc ) will direct the searcher to your Post.

Enter your post content in the big box for it.


Note This :

   You are to indicate next if your content is authentic or a copied one.

Don’t post copied content and then indicate it is Authentic. The platform will know.

If you want to post Authentic Content, make sure you are the one that composed it and you haven’t posted it anywhere online.


On this Platform,

        Authentic Content will get you – 120 Advertising Credits

        Copied Content will get you – 20 Advertising Credits

The Credits will be added to your account ( Dashboard ) the moment you submit the content.


Make Sure :

You click on the small box under the word ” IBO RULES CHECK: “


In front of the words

” I assure that this PR does not contain negativity towards any member, opportunity, or product.

I assure that this PR does not contain profanity or adult material. “


What to do next is click on


Under Publish, you will see the list of your Published Press Release.

You can later edit or even delete them if you wish to do that.


Viii. Post Your Business On Your Dashboard Wall

      You can advertise your business to all members by posting a short ( One Line ) Message on your Wall

Include a link to your business’s website. Be doing this every day.

     By the way, what you post on this wall must be unique. You cannot post the same post message again.

If you want to post the same message, try to change some words.

Whatever you post will also be seen by all members and visitors. This is another way to get a lot of people attracted to your business.


iX. Advertise Your Business Using The Advertising Credits You Gathered

      Claim or gather a lot of advertising credits and then use it to place adverts on the platform.

You need to first convert the Credits to Advert Impressions ( number of times it will be shown on the platform )

Click on ” Credit Center “

This is the same place you are claiming Free 50 Advertising Credit Codes.

Scroll down and you will see the area where you can convert the credits to Impressions

1 Credit will give you 5 Impressions

1 credit = 5 Impressions

If you gather 1,000 Credits, you will get 5,000 Impressions when the credit is converted. Your advert will be shown 5,000 times.


     After your credits are converted, you are to go to the Advertising Page and create your Advert.

Click on ” Create New ” ( This is under ” My Advertising “ )

A pop up will show up


Your submitted Advert can be :

      Text – Will cost you 1 Impression per view / shown

      468 X 60 Banners – Will cost you 3 Impressions per view / shown

      250 X 250 Banners – Will cost you 5 Impressions per view / shown

      728 X 90 Banners – Will cost you 10 Impressions per view / shown

      Mobile Banner – Will cost you 10 Impressions per view / shown.

Click on the type of advert you want to submit.

If you choose Text Advert, On the page that will be shown to you

Enter :

Friendly Name ( This is the name you will use to identify this advert among others you will submit )

Ad Title – Must be short

Ad Text – Must be short

Your Business Website Link

Choose Display Speed which can be :


Default ( Already set by the Admin )


Very Slow.

Choose where you want the Advert to be displayed which can be any of ( Or all of ) :

IBOtoolbox Right Side Main Page

IBOtoolbox notification emails

IBOtoolbox Newsletter Right

        Click on ” Save AD “

        The Pop up will be closed.


What you need to do next is click on ” My Advertising “ which is on top of the ” Create New ” Menu in your Dashboard.

On the page that will be shown to you,

You will see the Advert you just submitted.

Click on ” Turn On “ under Status.

        Make sure the one you click on is the one in front of the advert you submitted.

        Your Converted Impressions will now be used to show your Adverts.


     On this page, you will see the number of times the advert had been shown and the number of times it had been clicked on.


This Advert will be shown to members and visitors. This will also help your business to grow.


 These are what you should do to use this Platform’s Free Advertising Offers to improve your business fast.



More Advertising Offer For Upgraded Members

You will enjoy more Advertising Offers and Benefits if you choose to become ClubIBO Member.

Your Benefits Are :

i. 4,000 Advertising Credit Code every Monday ( 16,000 Credits in a Month )

ii. 400 Credits New Referred User Bonus

iii. 140 Credits for Every Press Release

iV. 10 Credits for each comment on Press Release / Video

V. Double Credits on each Advertising Credits Purchased

Vi. 50% Commission on every Credit purchased by Referred Users

Vii. You get Added to those being displayed via a rotator on the top right side of the Platform Dashboard

Viii. Adverts Free Profile. There will be no Adverts displayed in your Profile Page unless you add one yourself

iX. An Upgraded Member Badge ( IBOcontributor Badge ) will be added to your Profile / Name to shown other members that you are an upgraded member.


This Membership Cost :


$19.95 Monthly.

There are 7 Days Free Trial.



Thirty ( 30 ) Days Advertising Offer

For Those That Purchased Advertising Credits

You will enjoy more Advertising Offers and Benefits if you choose to purchase Advertising Credits from the Platform.


Your Benefits Are :

IBOcontributor Badges will get shown on your Profile and Wall Posts for 30 Days.

      This platform is a 100% free Social Media for Business Advertising and no one is ever required to purchase anything.

But if you do purchase credits for advertising your business, this badge will be attached to your profile and name to show everyone that you are one of those financially contributing to the Platform.

       It is free to use but is not free to operate. By buying its Advertising Credits, you are helping to keep the platform free for everyone.


Here Are The Reasons

You Should Consider Getting This Badge :

Helps Show Others You Are Serious – When your badge is showing on your profile and wall posts, it shows you are taking your business serious enough to put some money behind it.

        Many people who are looking for a business opportunity want to join under someone who is actively advertising and working their business.

Makes You Stand Out – As IBOtoolbox becomes larger and larger it is important to find ways to stand out from the crowd. This badge makes your posts and profiles stand out from the rest.

IBO Spirit – Nothing shows more IBOspirit than displaying your contributor badge. Show everyone how much you love this platform by supporting it.

Gives You Leadership Status – Junior members and newbies to this industry join IBO looking for help. By displaying your badge you are identifying your profile and posts as being a leader in the industry.

Qualifies You For Double Credits – Current badge holders earn double credits for PRs, comments, referrals.

Adverts Free Profile – Current badge holders enjoy an adverts free IBOsocial profile page ( unless they are running their own ads on their profile ).

Adverts Free Platform’s Mobile APP – Current badge holders enjoy adverts free access to the IBOtoolbox mobile companion application.


The Amount Of Credits You Can Purchase Are :

i. Starter Pack :

1,000 Advert Credits

Cost – $5 ( This is 50% Discount ).


ii. Marketer Pack :

10,000 Advertising Credits

Cost – $12.50 ( This is 50% Discount ).


iii. BizOp Guru Pack :

25,000 Advert Credits

Cost – $25 ( This is 50% Discount ).


iV. Team Leader Pack : 

100,000 Advert Credits

Cost – $50 ( This is 50% Discount ).


Note This :

        Those purchasing the Credits for the first time will get double credits. If you go for 100,000 Credits, you will get 200,000 Instead as someone purchasing for the first time. The Credits will automatically get added to your account immediately after your purchase. This is One Time Offer for new purchasers only.

The IBOContributor Badge will also get added immediately to your Profile / Name after the purchase.


Method Of Payments Accepted

For Advertising Credits Purchases & Upgrades


The method of payments you can use to purchase Advertising Credits and Upgrades on this Platform are :


All Major Credit Cards

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Amazon Pay





Free Income Opportunity ( Earn Money For Free )

There is an opportunity to make money for free on this Platform. You will be making real money by inviting new users.

You will receive up to 50% of the money they pay to purchase Advertising Credits on the platform. There is no limit on this.

Upgraded Member will receive 50% commission on each of their referred member purchases.

Free Member will receive 20% Commission on each of their referred member purchases.

No commission for the upgraded membership. You get paid on referred member Credit purchases only.

Minimum Payout is $50.

You must log in to the platform within the past 7 days to be eligible to earn commissions.

All commissions are being paid on the first of the month.

Commissions are paid out via :


Bitcoin and more.



How To Register & Get Approved

To register and become a member of this platform, click this link and get led to the registration page : 


IboToolBox Registration 


Fill in your details

Submit the form

Check your email for activation link and click on it.


After this, start setting up your profile and doing other things that are already stated here for you to get a good result for your adverts.

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