Receive Pro Upgrade – 50,000 Advertising Credits – Your Adverts Sent To All Member’s Email And Also Shown To All Member Every Time They Log In – All For Free.


FreeAdvertisingForYou is a Traffic Exchange, Safelist and Mailer where you can get a lot of Active Referrals, Opportunity Seeking Leads and Targeted Traffic using their Easy to use Advertising System.


Its Free Advertising Offers :

 → Over $300 Worth Free Advertising

 → 50,000 Advertising Credits For Free

 → Six ( 6 ) Solo Adverts For Free

 → 2 Full Page Ads With 50 Views Each

 → 2 468×60 Banners With 2,500 Views

 → 2 125×125 Banners With 2,500 Views

 → 2 Text Links With 2,500 Views

 → Free Pro Upgrade Membership

 → Custom Splash Page Builder

 → Promo Page That Is Promoted By Admin

 → Add Your Site To Login Rotator ( Show To Members Everytime They Log In )

 → Multiple Weekly Promo Codes For More Free Advertising

 → Unlimited Free Traffics / Visits / Clicks For Your Business / Website / Blog

 → Unlimited Referrals / Downlines / Leads / Customers For Your Business

 → Qualification To Receive Unlimited Random Referrals For Free

 → Unlimited Commissions From Referral’s ( Invited Members ) Service Purchases.


Advertise Your Business Using

Any Or All Of These Advertising Methods :

Daily Bonus Sponsor ( Banner ) – This is a banner member will have to click on in order for them to earn more Advertising Credits. Your Adverts will get plenty of clicks since members are clicking on this type of banner in order to get more Credits. This banner will display your Adverts to members for 20 Seconds.


Featured Banner With Text – This is the type of advert that will show your business at the very top of every page in the member’s area. It gives your business lot of exposure because it is one of the things members see when they log in.


Set And Forget Solo Ads – This is the advert method that allows you to submit on the platform, the advert message you want to send to members and the platform will send it out to members automatically on Multiple Days ( Specified by you ) to give your business maximum exposure.


Solo Ad – You can use this to send your adverts to all member on the platform. It will surely get a lot of clicks and views because members will want to click Solo Ad messages and win a free Solo Ad for themselves.


Full Page Ads – This ad will be shown to members when they surf for Credits. Members surf to get more credits and more activity points which will also be used to partake in Monthly Contest.


Lifetime Banner – This is the Ad that gets your 468X60 banner shown to members and visitors every day for life. You won’t need to use Credits or Impressions for it.


468 X 60 Banner Impressions – This ad will get your 468X60 banner shown on every page of the site which includes Log in Page and surfing page. They also get shown on other sites with viral code. You need to have Impressions which will act as credits needed to automatically show the ad.


125X125 Banner Ad – 125X125 Banner Ads are being shown at the top of all pages and also under the navigation menu on the Platform.


Text Ads – This is one of the best ways to get the attention of visitors using catchy ad. This type of ads is shown throughout the site as long as you have enough credit assigned to them.


Solo Footer Ads – This is the type of Adverts member sees under Solo Ads. They will earn Ad Credits when they click on them.


Platform Stats

    Total Solo Ad Clicks – 5,156,768

    Average Clicks Per Solo – 299

    Average CTR – 12.22%

    Total Login Rotator Views – 400,663

    Total Banner Clicks – 2,951,499

    Total Text Ad Clicks – 872,448

    Total Random Referrals Assigned To Members For Free – 1944

Hits Sent To Members Promo Pages ( Specially Promoted By Admin ) – 1,648,135.



 50KBonus ( For 50,000 Credits )

welcome ( For More Bonus ).


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Free 1000 Advertising Credits Plus $2.5 in Cash Bonuses.

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