Advertise Your Business Every Day Without Limit And Also Win Up To $600 Cash From Its Lotto Game For Free.

FreeTrafficLotto – Manual Traffic Exchange And Lotto Game Platform

FreeTrafficLotto is a 2 in 1 Advertising Platform. It is both a Manual Traffic Exchange and Lotto Game Playing Platform. You can use it to advertise your business for free, attract traffic, hits to your website or blog and also use it to play Lotto Game and win up to $600 per game for free.

         As a member of this platform, you need to view other member’s advert to gain Advertising Credits which you will use to get other members to also view your own adverts. You have to surf for Credits by viewing member’s adverts. The Credits you gain from the surfing is what you will assign to your own advert before it can be displayed or viewed by other members.

On this Platform, you will be surfing for Credits and at the same time be playing its Lotto Game.


Free Advertising Offers Are :

 → Add Your Business Advert To Surf Page & It Will Be Viewed By All Members For Free

 → Advertise Your Business Using Banners Advert For Free

 → Advertise Your Business Using Text Advert For Free

 → Gain More Advertising Credits For Being Active On The Platform

 → Gain More Advertising Credits From Contests And Lotto Game For Free

 → Gain More Advertising Credits By Referring / Inviting New Members / Users

 → Opportunity To Gain Pro ( Upgraded ) Membership Membership For Free & Receive More Advertising Credits & Membership Benefits.


Its Free Lotto Game / Free Money

         You will be playing the game every time you have viewed Eight ( 8 ) of Member’s Advert on the Surf Page. Each 8 Member’s Adverts views gives you a Lotto ticket which you will use to play the game.

You are to choose Six ( 6 ) winning numbers. The game can be played as many time as you want. If you surf eighty ( 80 ) times, you will be able to play the Lotto Game Ten ( 10 ) times for free.


You Will Become A Winner Of This Game Whenever You Have :

Two ( 2 ) Winning Numbers And Your Prize :

15 Advertising Credits

20 Banner Credits

20 Text Advert Credits.


Three ( 3 ) Winning Numbers And Your Prize :

75 Advertising Credits

100 Banner Credits

100 Text Advert Credits.


Four ( 4 ) Winning Numbers And Your Prize :

300 Advertising Credits

500 Banner Credits

500 Text Advert Credits.


Five ( 5 ) Winning Numbers And Your Prize :

$10 ( Ten Dollars )

10,000 Advertising Credits

15,000 Banner Credits

15,000 Text Advert Credits.


Six ( 6 ) Winning Numbers And Your Prize :

$600 ( Six Hundred Dollars )

30,000 Advertising Credits

45,000 Banner Credits

45,000 Text Advert Credits.

     There is an opportunity to win multiple times so far your other tickets are not having the same 5 or 6 winning numbers. If your ticket one winning number is 2,5,9,22,42 and maybe, ticket four winning number is also 2,5,9,22,42, the prize will be merged as one. Meaning, you will only get one prize for the two same winning numbers. Avoid this by not picking the same numbers for your game.

Numbers are drawn by the Indiana Hoosier Pick 6 every Saturday. All winners will receive a winner’s notification email with a link to claim their prizes. The more you play, the better your chances are of winning. Winners must claim their prizes within 2 weeks of winning. The cutoff for submitting a ticket for any given week is Friday at 11:00 pm.


Free Income Opportunity

 → There Is Opportunity To Receive Unlimited 20% Of Downlines ( Invited Members ) Lotto Winnings

 → There Is Opportunity To Receive Unlimited 40% Commission From Invited ( Downlines )’s Purchases.


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