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CashJuice – Unlimited Free Leads And Cash Generator

Free Advertising Offers

 Advertise Your Business To Thousands Of Member ( Income Opportunity Seekers ) For Free

 Get Your Business Expose To Members Of Two Top Advertising Platforms For Free

 Connect With Members By Sending ” Follow ” Request To Them

 Automatically Gain Lot Of Followers Who Are Interested In Your Business / Income Opps

 Post Your Business On Your Dashboard & Get Thousands of Members Attracted To Your Business

 Earn Credits For Free And Use It To Automatically Get Your Business Displayed On Members Dashboard For Free

 Post Flyers or Image Of Your Business And Attract Hundreds Of Member Fast

 Advertise Your Business For Free Without Any Restrictions Every Day.



How To Use & Get

Good Result From This Free Advertising Offer

These are what you need to do in order for you to use this offer to improve your business fast : 

i. Register To Become A Member Of The Platform

Check the Invitation Link at the bottom of this message

Click on it.

You will be led to the Platform Website

Click on ” Sign Up “

Enter on the next page that will be shown to you :

Your First name

Your Email.

An activation link will be sent to your email so that you can confirm your account.

Find the link in your email and click on it.

After this, complete your Profile on the Platform. Fill your profile with other details needed. Post short details that describe who you are.



II. Make The First Post On Your Dashboard

      Post an update or status on your dashboard. This can be an advert or a message to greet members

You are going to get members liking and commenting on the post within seconds.

They will welcome you to the Platform and also become your followers.

Try to commend them for liking your post and welcoming you.


iii. Start Gathering Followers

      You need to start gathering followers on the platform. Those that commented on your post first, will be your first followers. Try to follow them back.

Gain more followers by following more members.

Do this by clicking on your follower’s Profile, you will see those following them. Follow those people too.

     The moment you click on their profile, you will see what they had posted and when they posted them. Through this, you will know the active ones. Majority of those on the platform is active, you will hardly see those who are not active. The maximum you can follow as a free member is – 200.



iV. Post Your Adverts On Your Dashboard

       Post your business advert on your dashboard and start getting members attracted to your business.

Know This :

     You can only post on your Dashboard three ( 3 ) times in a day as a Free Member. Do not exceed this.

As a new member, you will have a lot of members viewing your Profile to connect with you. Some of them will show interest in what is posted on your dashboard. They may even post a comment on them.



V. Gain Post Rotator Credits And Use It To Display Your Post To All Members ( Followers & Non Followers )

     Try to gain Post Rotator Credits and use them to display your business advert post to all members.

To Do This,

Look for ” Post Rotator “ In your Member ( Dashboard ) Area and click on it

You will be led to another page where you can start earning Post Rotator Credits

Check your right-hand side for ” Click Here To View Posts And Earn Credits “

Click on it

    A pop up will come up with members post. There will be Five seconds Timer. This mean, you are to view the post shown to you for 5 seconds.

Click ” Next ” after each post to move to next one.

Each post you view will give you 1 Credit. View as many as you can and gather a lot of credits.

When you are done with viewing Posts and ready to submit your own post to the rotator

      Close the Rotator Pop Up and scroll down to check the number of Credits you have earned

Click on ” Add Campaign “ on this same page and a Pop up will show up showing the posts on your dashboard

You are to choose the one you want to add to the rotator

          Choose ” Language “ Next

And then

” Save “

The moment you click ” Save “

The post will be displayed to members until there is no more Rotator Credit in your account.


Know This : 

You can only add one Campaign at a time as a Free Member.



Vi. Register on Partner Platform And Link Your Profile To It

The partner platform is ” TrafficAdBar “

You can link your Cashjuice Profile to it

You need to register on the platform first. The link for that is at the bottom of this Post


To Link Your Profile :

     Go to Blog on Cashjuice. This is among the Menu on your left-hand side in your Dashboard

Check for the blog post with the title ” Promote Your Profile “

The Link to click on to link your Profile is on the post.

You will be able to operate your Cashjuice account from the TrafficAdBar Platform.

You will also be able to get visitors to whatever you post on Your Cashjuice Dashboard from TrafficAdBar.

These are what you should do to use this Platform’s Free Advertising Offers to improve your business fast.



More Advertising Offer For Upgraded Members

You will enjoy more Advertising Offers and Benefits if you choose to become an Upgraded Member.

There are Two upgraded membership ( Lifetime And Pro ) you can go for and their Benefits Are :

Maximum Post On Dashboard Per Day :

Lifetime – 10

Pro – Unlimited.

Post Rotator Campaign :

Lifetime – 5

Pro – Unlimited

Maximum Members One Can Follow :

Lifetime – 500

Pro – 1,000

 Both can target Post rotator by country

 Double followers for the Two Membership

 Advert Credits ( 5,000 ) for the Two Membership

 Auto Message Referrals – Available only to Pro Member

 Auto Message Followers – Available only to Pro Member

 Free Referrals – Available only to Pro Member

 Guarantee Referral Link Hits – Available only to Pro Member ( 500 Every Month ).

Cost of Lifetime Membership Upgrade Is – $29.50 ( One Time Payment )

Cost of Pro Membership Upgrade is – $4.95 ( First Month ) and the $19.99 Monthly.


Non-Upgraded Member and Upgraded Member that wants to boost their adverts can buy Adverts Credits which cost : 

$5 for 5,000 Credits.

Payment is through Credit Card for now.



Free Income Opportunity ( Earn Money For Free )

There are Two ( 2 ) ways to earn money from this Platform.

i. You will receive 15% Commission whenever one of the members you referred or invited to the platform pays for any of Cashjuice services which includes Upgrading and Advert credits Purchasing.

ii. You will also make money based on your daily activities and that of your referrals on the platform. What you will receive depends on how active you and all your referrals are on the platform. Cashjuice will be sharing part of its revenue with you.

Your earnings will be paid directly to your local bank account at the end of every month. You need to enter your Bank account details in your Profile.


How To Register & Get Approved

To register and become a member of this platform, click this link and get led to the Platform Page :


Cashjuice Registration


Click on ” Sign Up “

Enter on the next page that will be shown to you :

Your First name

Your Email.

An activation link will be sent to your email so that you can confirm your account.

                               Find the link in your email and click on it.

Go to your Profile Page and fill it up with your details. Post short details that describe who you are.

       Do all that is stated here and you will start getting a good result for your adverts.

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